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Let’s make work less intense.

If you’ve ever asked yourself…

“How can I get more web traffic?”
“How can I turn my web traffic into customers?
“How can I get someone to help me?”
“How do I convince people that my work or product is good for them?”
“How can I make people want to listen to me / believe in me?”

And you work for or own any of the following types of businesses

Healthy Foods (Juice Cleanses and such) Health Shakes/Supplements
Acupuncture & Chiropractic
Yoga Studio/Teacher
Health Coaching
Spiritual or Physical Healing

You’re in the right place.

What You’ll Find Here

Data driven marketing techniques that you can use to grow your business.

I know that standing out and winning in today's insanely crowded marketplace is tough work, and unfortunately there is a lot of bad advice out there. I believe that in order to convince customers to buy your products and services, you have to connect with them in a genuine way that speaks to their specific needs. Through data-analysis and academic research I've found that people regularly need the same questions and fears answered and eased in order to foster a healthy trade of commerce.

Get Personal Business Help, 1-on-1

Simplifying Rockin’ Wellness’s Message – Superfood Shake

“I had been dealing with years of unsuccessful website projects. Using Mike’s services we got the functionality and image to where we wanted it to be. Load times and simplification of the ordering process has been optimized hugely. Michael has been really easy to communicate with too!”

Mike taught me to chill out and work harderMike Wall
Rockin’ Wellness

Some Love from Love Grace – Juice Cleanses

“He brought real ease to all things. It felt wonderful to know we weren’t just working with a professional but with a human. Someone who understood our needs, communicated thoroughly and got the job done gracefully. He is someone that did what they said they would, went above and beyond what was expected, always made sure we fully understood how things worked, the reason he needed to do something, and kept us up to the minute with advances and updates.”

Mike taught me to chill out and work harderCarissa-Ann Santos
Love Grace

Meet Mike

I was making websites for clients and I kept getting the same questions over and over. In addition, I realized that I had to teach so much about the fundamentals of WHY I was doing things, and why certain things like an email list and good photography were so important, that I realized I am half teacher, half designer/developer.

I started making little videos to give to clients when they had the same familiar questions that explained in detail what they were unsure of. It was amazing to hear the responses I got– they were totally inspiring. My clients felt that I was taking a very helpful extra step in explaining the value of web marketing. I was glad! I felt that it was my duty to educate these people ESPECIALLY if they were going to be paying me. I didn’t want to be a sleazy, shady web designer. I realized how helpful these would be to everyone, so I started putting them into a format that can be enjoyed by anyone I am not already working with.

Now I am creating articles and videos and instructions for common questions and issues business owners have with marketing their brands. I am learning a lot about what people enjoy to learn and how they enjoy learning it, so if you have any input on the type of info or videos you’d like to see- PLEASE tell me. I love the back and forth I get with people– it’s really making me better at what I do, and it is in turn helping others more and more. Your feedback has the chance of helping hundreds of other people who are wondering about the same marketing issues.

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