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Customer Confidence Cocktail

Do you help run a health oriented business?
Do you struggle to get above a 1-3% conversion rate on your website?

Here is a list of the most effective ways for health oriented companies to increase their conversion rates for more opt-ins and purchases.

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1) Using the Right Kind of Images

Raising Conversion Rates by 4.6% with Carefully Crafted Images

2) Making your Wellness Website Look Professional to Increase Customer Confidence

Your site has to look real. Here is a list of a few easy steps ot making your site feel luxurious and spacious instead of cluttered and unprofessional.

3) Making Your Customers Feel Secure to Increase Confidence & Sales

Security Icons & Jargon: Guarantee More Sales by Making Your Customer Feel Secure

4) Perfect Testimonials: Proving that Your Product or Service Helps People

How Major Wellness Brands make Perfect Customer Testimonials

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