Perfect Customer Testimonials with Conscious and Clear Wellness Marketing

How Major Wellness Brands Make Perfect Customer Testimonials

Testimonial - Health Business Marketing
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Customer testimonials, when done right, can serve your business in so many ways. Here we will get into the PERFECT formula for a convincing customer testimonial.

As a bonus, I will show you how to score more REAL reviews & testimonials than you know what to do with.

Hint: It's not how you've done it before– you've probably been getting bad advice from people about this for too long.

Good testimonials serve as Social proof which legitimize yourself and your product or service. It helps users trust your site. Also, people want to shop where other people shop. It gives them a sense of safety with their purchases.
"If others like me like it, I probably will too."

The formula goes something like:

What is your current method of testimonial generation? Call your cousin or loved-one and ask him or her to write a paragraph about how great your product or service is?

Far too often we get testimonials that are something along the lines of compliment-vomit– the testimony says how your service or product works AMAZINGLY and how nice of a person you were.

While this is nice, and definitely can be flattering, it doesn't serve your business that well. Sure, it's better than nothing, but it probably won't raise your conversion rate all that much.

Semi Helpful Testimonial - Health Business Marketing

The most effective formats for health-oriented brand testimonials.

Each testimonial should;

  1. illustrate how it solves ONE problem - "I was having trouble with..."
  2. Explain the solution - "XXX really helped with it's YYY feature."
  3. Describe the result - "now I feel..."
The format goes Problem > Solution > Result.

You're probably wondering "How do I get people to explain in the way that I want?"

Answer: Make it impossible to mess up.

The way I do this is with a google form that has the company logo at the top.
The questions go in this order;

  1. What problem were you struggling with the most?
  2. How did XXX solve this problem?
  3. How do you feel now? Can you describe the difference in how you feel now compared to before?

Be sure to ask for a photo, a name, and a location. These things help to convince potential customers that you testimonials are, in fact, real.

Bonus: How to get testimonials & reviews in the first place.

If you're having trouble reaching customers you can facilitate reviews and testimonials on the following website.

This website offers products to people at a discount in order to secure a review. There is no guarantee of a 5 star review. Take a look and see for yourself.

What can you do next to replicate this?

Set up a Google form with questions following the model I showed you above.

I suggest using I Love to Review if you do not have your own users that you can email with a Google form.

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