The Path to a Profitable Business Is Not A Painstaking Mystery

(It’s Actually Fun)

How can I help?
I’m glad you asked.

We will have 1-on-1 sessions to help you move your business forward. Be prepared with your most troubling roadblocks and problem areas. We will be working through them together. In addition, we will set a clear path and next-steps to achieving your business goals.

  • Clarification of your business goals and objectives.
  • Carefully crafted marketing plans & strategies.
  • Best practices & procedures for energy-efficient growth.
  • Expert technological advice & direction.
  • Objective, candid feedback on the direction and growth of your business.

Who do I work with? I’m glad you asked that too!

  • Healthy Foods (Juice Cleanses and such) Health Shakes/Supplements
  • Acupuncture & Chiropractic Studios
  • Healthy Tech & Products (Things that make the world a better place)
  • Yoga Studio/Teacher
  • Health Coaches
  • Spiritual or Physical Healing

If you’re exploring these questions, I can help you.

Who are my ideal clients and customers?
How do I approach (or reach) my prospective ideal clients effectively?
How can I turn my web traffic into customers?
How do I automate my marketing so that I have less work to do?
How do I convince people that my work or product is good for them?
How can I make people want to listen to me / believe in me?
How do I use Social Media for marketing without wasting time?
How do I delegate/outsource affordably and effectively?
How do I make my business and income more stable?
How do I stay on track to accomplish my goals?

What Our Sessions Will Be Like

Business coaching for the health-oriented business owner & entrepreneur

Each one of our sessions will have specific goals to tackle and get over. I will prepare you with outlines and task-lists that will clearly lay out the areas of focus that help you grow your business quickly and more efficiently.

If your goal is getting more sales, we will focus on your marketing strategy to help increase the conversion rate of your sales pages. Then through statistical analysis of your analytics, we will refine your strategy and fine-tune your sales process for higher sales rates.

Is brand identity your issue? Is your messaging lacking consistency and focus? All you need is a trusted advisor and a clear plan to unifying your look and voice. By making your customers feel that they’re in YOUR specific space, hearing YOUR specific voice, you become much more trustworthy, raising conversion rates and public opinion.
Let’s get started

Here’s some things you should know about our coaching sessions

  • Listen to your Sessions Over and Over – I record every sessions we have and send it to you after each call.
  • Follow-Up Notes & Resources – After each call I will send you follow-up notes about our conversation, plus additional resources, suggestions, and ideas that are geared towards moving you forward with this portion of your project.
  • You’ll have a Little Bit of Homework – You’ll get editable pdfs that you will fill out in order to bring clarity & focus to your project. They also help me to guide you and your project.
  • A Safe Place for Your Resources – We will share an organized folder of resources and files that you can download at the end of our sessions. I will update this with homework and suggestions, lesson by lesson.
  • Use My Handouts on your Other Projects – I have no problem with you using these interactive pdfs for other projects. Same goes for applying my marketing & business efficiency tactics to other work– go for it!
  • Pay As You Go – I have options to pay up front for a discount, or pay as you go.

Now for Some Things I Can Do for You

  • Layout a Plan to Market
  • Fix Your Website
  • Refine your Social Media Strategy & Execute on it
  • Refine Your Pitch & Value Proposition
  • Create Images and Photography
  • Develop Custom Solutions for Shipping/Logistic/Supply Issues
Here are some things I don’t do
  • Raise capital (I can tell you how to, but I won’t be calling VCs)
  • Blackhat SEO or Marketing (I focus on long-term success)

And Some People I Don’t Work With

  • Individuals whose product(s) are conducive to bad health, mentally or physically. No soda ads targeting kids here.
  • Companies that don’t take care of their employees. If you aren’t respecting your workers, you probably aren’t respecting anyone.
  • People who are misleading their customers. Business and commerce is a gift, and it should be treated as such.

Does it sound like we would be a good fit?

Get started here.

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